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Smart Bolt Circle (drag and drop)

Question asked by Mark Bradford on Jun 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2017 by Mark Bradford

Good morning,

Here is what I am trying to do:


1.  Have a library feature be a bolt circle with the holes already in place.

2. Drag the library feature bolt circle (using the center point as the origin) from the design library to a specific point on a face.

3.  have the holes automatically add to the block on that face using that center point.


I use this currently for a specific custom hole that I drag and drop.  (works great)


I am just hoping I can do the same thing, in one motion, to drag and drop a similar feature, but have 8 holes on a bolt circle added.  (4 1/4"-20 tap, and 4 1/4" reams)


Thank you