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Hiding obsolete files

Question asked by Ryan Olson on Jan 6, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2009 by Pete Yodis
Hi folks,

We recently deployed PDM Workgroup and have been having pretty good success with the transition.

One thing I'm wondering is how to deal with end-of-lifecycle documents. We have a simple lifecycle chain that goes Prototype -> Production -> Obsolete. Prototype parts are revisioned 01 to 99, Production A to Z, and Obsolete has a single revision called OBS.

What I want to do is to hide obsolete documents from the standard vault view, since they add clutter. So far I can think of two ways to do this:

1. Remove users' read access to files in the Obsolete lifecycle stage through the Lifecycle tab in VaultAdmin
2. Manually move Obsolete files to a separate project called Obsolete (kind of like the Trash method of deleting)

The problem with approach #1 is that making a doc obsolete is actually a two-stage process for us; first the document's lifecycle is changed to Obsolete, then its revision is bumped to OBS (BTW, is there a way to make the latter happen automatically?). Problem is, once the lifecycle changes to Obsolete the user no longer has access to the document in order to bump its revision.

I also hesitate to implement method #2, since doing so loses the part's original project. It's not a big deal but we do see it as a drawback.

So... any best practice recommendations here? In the end I just want to keep the vault view tidy and free of old (obsolete) stuff, while still maintaining the ability to resurrect old parts if necessary.


- rdo