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    Assigning Due dates in a workflow

    Gary Hamm

      When transitioning a file within the workflow can I assign a due date,

      I'm not really concerned with days delayed in state, but Id like to assign a due date when transitioning to an Engineer,




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          Tim Webb

          A few ways:


          1. Set the due date to be a version free variable only you can edit then manually change the due date on the data card for each affected file. This is probably the least efficient way.
          2. To assign due dates in bulk, use a version free variable and use dispatch to set the due dates before the transition runs with an input box. It's kludgy but it works well. In fact, I've had several clients do this en lieu of using a custom addin.
          3. Program a custom addin that runs during the transition that pops up an input box to get the due date, handles exceptions, assigns the card variable, etc. and if the user doesn't enter a due date, it cancels the transition!


          Tim CEPA

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