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    How to conuct dynamics simulations and analysis of force, torque

    Peter Cohen

      Hello, I know that one could make an animation to study the motions of mechanism in SolidWorks. Can I conduct dynamics simulations and have the program to calculate the force and torque at various joints and components? If so, how to do that?

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          Gian Flavio Violi

          You want to start by doing some tutorials.


          Are you interested in Structural Dynamic Anlaysis (motion + stress/displacements/strain) or just Multibody Dynamics (just the motion)? For the first you want to learn SolidWorks Simulation, for the 2nd you want to learn SolidWorks Motion.


          You can find SolidWorks Tutorials from within the software itself!


          You have Tutorials on most almost everything you can do with SolidWorks!


          If you go to SolidWorks Simulation Tutorials you will find the Motion Tutorials


          If you require Dynamic Structural Analysis then click on SolidWorks Simulation Premium Tutorial and at the botton you will find Linear Dynamics. I'd recommend doing every Static Analysis tutorial first, so you can get familiriazed with the subject first.



          YouTube is also great for finding tutorials on how to use SolidWorks.


          If you find specific doubts, you can always come back to the forum and I'm sure someone will be able to help you on the specifics!