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    Filename as serial number does not match

    Grant Kirkland

      Using SW PDM 2017 I want to make the filename of a newly create part to be match the part number generated by a serial number, but for some reason the filename is not matching the part number.


      I followed this tutorial: 2016 SOLIDWORKS PDM Help - Using Serial Numbers to Automatically Name Files


      My process:


      Create a serial number:

      Serial Number.JPG


      Create a variable in the template wizard:

      Template Variable.JPG


      Add part template file in the template wizard:

      Template Files and Folders.JPG


      Set part number as file name:

      Template File.JPG


      Part number set a "Partnumber" serial number in part card:

      Part Card.JPG


      File name is "P-00001" but Part Number is "P-00005". Why is this?



      Create New Part.JPG