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Referencing multiple faces

Question asked by Morten Nielsen on Jun 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by Krzysztof Wojcik

I want to be able to reference multiple, tangent faces at once when creating a reference plane. The reference plane should be tangent to either of the faces at a certain point such that no matter which face the point is located at (e.g. if I move the point), the reference plane is tangent to that face at the given point.


Example: In the attached part I have a Tangent plane that is tangent to the double curved face of the Revolve1 feature (green face) at the point where the line in Sketch6 intersects the face. I can drag the end point of the solid Sketch6 line around such that the intersection point moves, and as long as that intersection point is on the green face, all is ok. However, If I rotate the line in Sketch6 across the division between faces, so that the sketch point for defining the Tangent plane is located at either of the red faces the Tangent plane definition breaks, because it's only defined from the green face.

I realize that right now the intersection point actually doesn't move along to the construction line on the red surface, and that poses a problem as well. Any help is appreciated. But assuming that the intersection point could be made to move from the construction arc (green face) to the construction line (red face) when angling the solid line, my problem above still persists.


The reason I'm doing this is I want to make a Variable Pattern of holes across the red and green faces with varying diameters and therefore need to be able to control a dimension to locate the holes -- here I wish to use the angle of the straight line, which then controls the location of the intersection point, which controls the location of the Tangent plane, which is to be used as the sketch plane for the holes.


Hope you can help!