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Question asked by brian main on Jan 6, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2009 by Joel Hoksbergen
I have recently configured out as an example the hex bolts from the toolbox used at my company.

I choose all the applicable sizes and lengths used here. I choose to show cosmetic thread only. I applied a custom property for material "ex zinc plated gr2, non plated grade 2" for a total of 8 materials

The combination of these variable resulted in over 6000 bolts, which is true and fine

I then added my companies part number to these 6000 bolts

Everything was looking good

Then I attempted to generate these bolts and SolidWorks locked up.

It appears if it take roughly 20-30 min to generate 100 bolts so 6000 bolts would be 20-30 hours. Therefore I allowed it to run for the Christmas holidays (4days). It never finished and appeared to lock up.

Has anyone had this issue and better yet is there a fix?