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Obsolete file not visible to Viewer group in folder, but when same group use search option they can see obsolete file, so how to stop it from hapenning?

Question asked by Amol Sagare on Jun 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by Tim Webb

1) Currently for viewer group only permission under folder permission is "Read file contents" see image 1Image 1.jpg


2) Under state permission there is no permission set to Viewer group see image 2

Image 2.jpg

3) under work flow for obsolete state there is no "Viewer group added and "Ignore permission in previous state is also not checked (see image 3)

Image 3.jpg

4) Then once logged in as Viewer and went to "Obsolete folder" I dont see any file this is correct. Please see image 4

Image 4.jpg

5) Now the problem comes when I search for file thru search menu then I can see files in obsolete folder and I can even open them see image 5 & 6

Image 5.jpgImage 6.jpg

So how to solve it?