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How to set inlet flow as transition Reynolds number

Question asked by Ayman Kamal on Jun 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2017 by Bill McEachern

I have a flow simulation problem in a rectangular duct with heat transfer.

Duct walls are isothermal at 200 C and the inlet flow is at 450 C

I am simulating inlet velocities between 40 - 80 m/s where I will have Re between 2600 and 5600


Under Boundary conditions, inlet velocity, I can select inlet flow velocity, mass flow rate ..etc

I don't want to select fully developed because I want to study the entrance region effects and where the flow will be fully developed

But my question, I can only select boundary layer to be either laminar or turbulent and or input turbulence parameters

What if my flow is going to be in transition region, how to input that to SW?


What triggered me is that I am using 254 long duct (2.2 wide x 25.4 high) and I am splitting the duct into two parts in length

And I am calculating the heat transfer rate at the second part (towards the outlet) so that the flow is more fully developed

And I am back calculating heat transfer coefficient and comparing it to analytical prediction. What I am getting from SW with the current settings, a higher h values that seem to be for a turbulent flow not a transition flow. I want to make sure that I am selecting the right parameters for the inlet flow