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BOM Values Mixed Results (Regular Assy vs Weldment)

Question asked by Matt Finley on Jun 21, 2017

When I create a BOM it adds several columns including one called Part Number. In this column I get file names, which usually do not equal the part number. Is there some standard somewhere that people should name their models and assy's using the Part Number that's intended to be used? I can think of about a million reasons NOT to do this, but wanted to check with the experts and see if I'm missing something stupid (absolutely would not be the first time for that!).


The reason I bring this up is because it changed behavior when I use weldments in the BOM. On the cut list I added Properties, including Part Number and the obligatory PartNo that actually reads the Part Number and subsequently puts that number under the Part Number box in the drawings. I put the PN in both fields and the BOM in the upper level shows the Part Number as the number in the field, not the parts name, which I kind of understand why (doesn't really exist). What's troubling me is when I saw this behavior I tried with a non-welded part by adding the field Part Number and it does not translate to the upper level BOM.



Not sure if this is an oversight what. At the very least the BOM field for Part Number should actually be, you know... a "part number". Not a file name.