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Are rigid bodies still able to be moved by forces in Simulation studies (such as to act as a hinge)?

Question asked by Kevin Piper on Jun 20, 2017

I'm working on a nonlinear static study and cannot get results close to what I expect.  The max deformation of the part always appears to be 1E-9 inches or less.  My hinge plate, which is resting on top of a rubber part and rotating into the top of it, is set as a rigid while my rubber part is properly constrained.  I have a force acting on the top of the pedal to push it downward into the rubber part.  The pedal is set to rigid body in an attempt to save computing time (each simulation takes about a day to run).  Could I be getting these very small deformation results because this is set to rigid?  I know this setting increases its stiffness, but if the petal is constrained in a way to rotate freely I did not think setting it as rigid would interfere, am I incorrect in my assumption?  Thanks for any information you can share.