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Triad license server, Solidworks hangs when adding standby servers

Question asked by George Nagatomo on Jun 19, 2017

So we're seeing a strange issue with a couple of machines running Solidworks at our organization.


We're currently using a triad license server for Solidworks. Whenever we try to install/reinstall Solidworks or change the license server information for an existing Solidworks installation, Solidworks hangs when all 3 license servers (primary+secondary+tertiary) are added. On the other hand, adding only the primary server allows Solidworks to be installed/licensed without any issues.


I've seen this issue happen on both Solidworks 2015 and 2017.


Strangely, fresh installs seem to not be affected by this issue. I've also had someone suggest editing the SW_D_LICENSE_FILE key on Registry Editors to add all 3 servers but that did not work either.


I'm wondering if any of you guys ever experienced a similar issue like this and know of a possible fix? Thanks!