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PDM Server Upgraded, PDM Client and apps can remain previous version?

Question asked by Robert Pickeral on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by John Van Kesteren

I've upgraded a test server to 2017 PDM Professional. I then made a new vault on that 2017 server. And it appears I can connect to that new 2017 vault with my old 2016 PDM client. And I can still use my 2016 products (Solidworks Mechanical, Electrical Schmatic, Electrical 3D). Can someone concur this is true?


If so, it appears I can upgrade the production server to 2017 PDM only. Then update the clients later, in a couple of weeks. Reason is: our IT/networking team uses a separate method for delivering applications to client PCs. I can't use the Solidworks deployment. I have to build a couple of images (for different departments) and give them to our IT team. They then push out the client updates. And when the clients are updated, that's when I'll actually update the PDM database to 2017. This sound about right?


Thank you.