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Workgroup PDM file path tool/macro

Question asked by Zac Evans on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by Christian Chu

Hi all,

Like many people currently we're working on migrating from Workgroup PDM to PDM Standard which we are doing through our VAR, but we've hit a snag... In the process of creating the folder structure that we have in Workgroup over to Standard we've exceeded the 260 character limit set by windows for the length of file paths. I've spent days going through our vault and shortening folder names and file names but have been informed it's still not enough and I'm now at a loss of where I need to keep working as I have over 10,000 folders with 1.2 million files in our vault it would take a small army a very long time to go through every folder and make sure there's no file paths that would exceed 260 characters.


So here's what I was hoping somebody would know something about or have something for. I'd like a tool or macro that can go through the vault and build the file path for each file and load it into excel, once in excel it's easy to use the LEN() command to count the characters and then I would have a direction of where i need to go work. I know nothing about macro's unfortunately, but does anyone know of some sort of tool like this or a macro somewhere that's able to do something close to this?


As always I appreciate your help!