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    copy explode step parts

    Tim Treybal

      Is it possible to reuse or use "previous" parts from an explode step for a new step?


      I exploded a group of parts along an axis & want the same parts exploded off another axis in the following step.  Can I reuse the parts or do they have to be individually chosen again?

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          John Stoltzfus

          Yes you can copy the exploded view from one configuration to the next by having the original configuration showing, then expand the configuration feature tree, right click on the exploded view configuration, hold the mouse button and drag onto the next configuration...


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            Dan Pihlaja

            Another option is to add those components to a sub assembly, explode it inside that sub assembly the way you want it.  Then, in your main assembly, use the "reuse subassembly explode" button.  That way, when you have multiple instances of the sub assembly, you can explode them all the same way.