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Solidworks Workgroup

Question asked by Jack John Frahm on Jun 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2017 by Matt Peneguy

I the 3rd mechanical designer to come on board a company where it was every workstation for itself. Two previous users had there own models, own files, would share by asking each other if the other one had something before working on a project or while working on a project.


Management has elected for me to be the one who over a number of years, gets the files scrubbed, shared on a server location, all the while creating new and exciting assemblies so we can ship product. Not sure what the best first step is for us. We have Solidworks Workgroup PDM 2015 on each machine but it is not set up.


I think it would be best to start the cleaning up files in different folder locations on the server and then migrate files over the a vault was it is cleaned up. It has been a real wild west here and no clear standards in regards to model creation.




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