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    Pdm Pro keep file checked out default?

    robert dattilo


           We just launched Pdm Pro, & there's a check box for keeping the file checked out. Right now the box is not checked so you have to check it  each time to keep the file checked out, or re-check it out if you forget to check the box. I'm wondering is there a way to have the box checked by default, so that when you're done with the work on the file then you can say check in & release ownership. I usually need more than one check in for a project, & it's not the best setting.


      Thanks in advance  for any input.

      Rob_D SW 2017_sp3

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          Tim Webb

          Hi Robert,

          No, there's no way to "check that box" out of the box BUT my company can make an add-in for you that will allow you to right click file(s) and get a menu that says something like "Update Server with Changes" OR create a task add-in that automatically checks in all files on some daily schedule, like at the end of the day. Either way, this will require custom programming but it can be done.


          Tim CEPA

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