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Print5 method not working with ShowDialog to FALSE (eDrawings 2016 SP5 API)

Question asked by Maitere Larrañaga on Jun 19, 2017
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I'm using the eModelView activeX control (eDrawings 2016 SP5 version) on a Visual Studio 2010 winforms application (64bits and target framework=.NET 4.0).

I'm able to load any file on the control, but after that what I want to do is to export the content to a PDF file using the PDFCreator printer.


I'm using the Print5 method. If I set the first parameter (ShowDialog) to TRUE, there is no problem, but if I set to FALSE it doesn´t work (it generates a bad format PDF file or just triggers the OnFailedPrintingDocument event).


Does anyone know how to solve it?


Thanks in advance.