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    Search For Exact String From DropDown

    Dave LeCount

      I have a search card with a dropdown list that contains these selections:








      If a user selects "D", they also will get results for anything categorized as "MED".  Is there any way to set this up to search for exact strings so that "D" only returns "D"?

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          Prasad Bhonsule

          Hi Dave, you need to use = and single quotes.


          To restrict the results to files that only contains the exact string in the variable, use the = (equal) character in the search criteria.  For example the search criteria '123' will return '123' or '1234' whereas the search criteria '=123' will only return '123'. To exclude a string use the ! (exclamation) character. For example  '!123' will return anything not including the string '123'.


          So, perhaps create a list that has those criteria in the search card.




          Prasad Bhonsule