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Graphic Refresh Problem

Question asked by mail bas on Jan 6, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2012 by Chris Manger

A lot of times, if I click the right button (to see a submenu) and after make a zoom (with de scroll)... only zoom the part of the part behind the menu. The rest of the part does not move. This happens with a simple part or with a big assembly, indistinctively.

I reinstalled a lot of times. I used a WinXP x32/x64 bits, a Vista Ultimate x32/x64 bits witch SW08 and SW09 with different Service packs of SW. All of this combined with 5 types of motherboard and CPU (Asus, Gigabyte, Core2Duo, P4, AMD Athlon 64, Workstation motherboard, Games motherboard) and with 3 graphic cards (Quadro FX4600, FireGL v7600 and FireGL v7700). I test all of this with the latest drives of Nvidia and Ati, and with the certificate drivers for SW08 and SW09. I've done all of the possible combinations.

How you can see... I test ALL but... don't work.

Where de problem might be? It's impossible to work well.

PD: Image of the problem