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How to make a cut along a guide line while increasing the cut size?

Question asked by Michael Ten Den on Jun 19, 2017
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Hi all,


I want to create a teeth on a ring, where the angle of the triangle sketch on the inside of the ring is known. The triangle sketch on the outside of the ring is depending on the size of the other triangle and on the radius of the ring (see image _03).


So my problem:

How to create a kind of lofted cut, when only the start sketch is known and the guide lines.


To make the problem more difficult, I want to keep the bottom point continuously on the same height. I tried several methods, like lofted cut, boundary cut, and searched the forum for solutions. However, it looks like I need to know the end sketch for the lofted cut. I already created an example of what I want (see example image), however this uses a lot sketches and planes to get my lofted cut. I have the feeling that is can be done less complex