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    Component Sketch Pattern Warning: Pattern Instance Overlapping Seed

    Rob Edwards

      Good Morning this fine Monday

      I'm not sure I've noticed this before.  I have a sketch of points created in a part, which I then use to pattern some components at the assembly level.  I inserted my seed component using one of the points, but the pattern adds another component on top of the seed.  In Instances to Skip I am not able to deselect the 'guility' pattern instance (No Pink Dot - Lower Left).  I have made my seed component an envelope so it will be excluded from the BOM, but this doesn't remove the warning.  It is only a warning and no big deal, but how would I go about doing this correctly?  Do I have to add my seed component somewhere unrelated to the sketch points? (removes warning but seems illogical) or construct a sketch of points without the seed position (difficult and unnecessary)

      Thanks for reading,, Im using SW15