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STL Mesh Polygon Surfaces Issue - 3D Scan

Question asked by Omar Alshahrani on Jun 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2017 by Chris Dordoni

Hi all,


So, I have been 3D scanning some objects and processing them with either meshmixer or meshlab.

However, I use SoldiWorks for all 3D needs.


Here's the issue that'd like to fix, everytime I try to open a file that came from a 3D scan in SolidWorks, I end up with many polygons like attachment 1.0

Then a friend of mine offered to help, he used 3DS Max, and he was able to reduce the and clean up poly count without distorting the surface.

That was the 1st successful step! yayy  See attachement 2.0
BTW, when I tried to reduce the poly count in = Meshmixer and meshlab, I wasn't successful since it distorted the curvature and shape of object.


Still the issue is the polygons or mesh elements. Since I would like to edit and design around scanned objects, I need all surfaces to be continuous.
Meaning, instead of having 1000 triangles or squares representing the surface, I want one solid continuous surface.


I uploaded a SolisWorks part file as well here. Attachment 3.0




- 3D Scanned mesh file

- Saved in a format that SodidWorks (STL) reads using MeshLab and MeshMixer

- Opened in SolidWorks as solid (from options we could chose solid or surface, we need solid)

- End up with a solid part with many high poly count on every surface (surfaces are segmented)

- We need a solution to replace all polygons with one continous surface with no elements of ploygons.




Any suggestions? all help is very much appreciated.


Many thanks,


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