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    SolidCAM beta?

    Jeremy Feist

      anyone here locally in on the SolidCAM beta? and willing to share impressions (I expect details would be locked behind an NDA)?


      we tried signing up, but must have missed some deadline because we have not head anything yet.

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          Mark Nelson


            actually downloaded the beta version 2018 a while back.  however, been so busy i haven't installed it.


          i think anyone with a login can download the beta, if you go to the sw website, login on the customer portal, then go to downloads.  looks like "beta2" is now available.   there is a legal agreement you have to comply with when it's installed.


          they keep it pretty quiet, i did a forum search for "2018 beta" and the first thing i saw was a couple of NDA disclaimers.    makes sense, i assume they want to save all "whats new" stuff for the official roll-out.


          beta2 capture.PNG