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    Maha Nadarasa

      Do you know any reason why Split Line2 is suppressed in the video?

      This is explained but I couldn't understand.


      Complex Part Design 2 Mouse ( solidworks 2016/2017) - YouTube

      Time around 3.04



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          Bjorn Hulman

          This is a generalised surfacing tutorial explaining techniques. He did split2 as a demo, but decided he didn't need it. It doesn't look like he has a specific design he's trying to create, but is modelling 'on the fly' while explaining the techniques he is using.

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            Rick Becker

            I agree with Bjorn, but will leave to possibility open that the Split Line2 will be used in the next installment of the tutorial.

            It just makes sense to create the split line (for later use) at the same time that the other (Split Line1) was made.