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why lip grove are in part and not in assembly ?

Question asked by Laurent Martin on Jun 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2017 by Laurent Martin

I am a bit new on SW and currently working on parts and assembly.

Let's take the case of a plastic enclosure for an electronic product.

Let's say I need to create lip grove on top and bottom parts.

Based on my understanding I should normally create the first part (let's bottom part), then mirror it to create the top part. Then on an assembly basis i should mate them then create lip and grove.

Instead based on my understanding solidworks require to create lip grove at the part level, the lip grove function being not available in assembly mode apparently.

First illogical, but let"s say it is the way: in this case I create a first part which I slide in two part with a split feature. It create two solid body, i can then apply my lip grove, but then the two solid body are included into the same part file.

How to extract each solid body with lip one side and grove on the other side to then come back to assembly mode with two parts in it ?