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Saving display states, is this a thing?

Question asked by Aaron Torberg on Jun 16, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by James Harbour

Okay, here is my scenario:


     User 1 creates an assembly drawing and uses the assembly display states to control what is hidden/shown in the assembly views.  This user saves the assembly with one of these drawing display states active and closes the drawing/assembly


     User 2 Opens the assembly expecting to see a large assembly and instead only sees a small portion of the assembly Then user 2 proceeds to use the "Show with dependents" tool to display the model items that were hidden, not realizing they were messing up the drawing.  They save the assembly with a few changes and open the drawing to find out they have messed up a display state with no means of going back.


     Does this happen to anyone else?  Is there a way of saving the display state, so that in the previous scenario, user 2 could just go back to the way the display state was originally set?  I know I can set the display state to hide or show new parts, but I am looking for something even more static than that.