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Weldment explode affects all configurations

Question asked by Daniel Abbott on Jun 15, 2017

I have a weldment in which I created an explode for one configuration. That explode affected all the other configurations as well. Even after deleting it, the other configurations are stuck in the exploded state. The only configuration that is unexploded is the one that I originally exploded. I've used exploded weldments dozens of times and never seen this behavior. I tried adding and deleting explodes from the other configurations with no success. Any idea what might be causing this?


This the original configuration after deleting the explode and what the weldment should look like.


This is one of the other configurations to which I added an explode, moved one of the upper structural members and then deleted the explode. The three upper pieces collapsed, but not the lower pieces. Rebuilding did nothing.

This is a different configuration for which I tried to add an explode to see if I could "unstick" the exploded state. Partially worked for the upper pieces, but not the cross pieces.


So there are no explodes assigned to any configuration, but the weldment is stuck in the exploded state for all but one. When I make a new configuration I can delete the others, but adding an explode to the as welded version of the new configuration applies it to the "as machined" and any other configurations as well and it can't be collapsed.


Message was edited by: Daniel Abbott I did find a cure for this behavior on this forum, which was to suppress and then unsuppress all features. That worked (thank you Don Van Zile), but I had to do it for each configuration. When I added a new explode I got the same behavior, so I'd still appreciate any insight into why it happens and how to avoid it. I am helping a company transition to SolidWorks and want to make sure that this doesn't happen to them. They are already reluctant to take on weldments and I don't want them to get discouraged by something that I've never seen before.