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wire routing in solidworks electrical 3d

Question asked by Namita Zaware on Jun 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2017 by Evan Stanek

Hello all,

I have a design that has only wires. Still then I have developed line diagram and drawn the cables as per required wire sizes.  Also, I have developed schematic diagram which shows all the wires. ( In short in line diagrams the connections are drawn with cables and in schematic diagram, the connections are drawn with wires)

When I opened the solidworks assembly for 3d routing, the wires are not getting routed. What could be the reason? I have already ensured following checkpoints-

1) 3D models are associated to the electrical components.

2) Connection points are created through electrical component wizard.

3) Ciruit nos are as per manufacturer parts.

4) The wire is seen in reports with correct origin and destinations. Only length is not updated.

5) Wire properties (color, diameter) in schematic are as per the requiremnt.


Have i done mistake in drawing cables and wires?  How should I route the wires?

Please answer this question as soon as possible.

Thanks all in advance!