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Solidwork 17 sp2.0 Export to Dxf no annotation

Question asked by Jack Qin on Jun 15, 2017

Greeting guys,


I had some troubles with the Solidworks lately with its function "Export to Dxf/Dwg"  as I have upgraded from SW2014 to SW2017 SP2.0 not long ago. The annotations would not be shown whenever i tried to generate the Dxf/Dwg. Certain part such like a round to rectangle transform would have bend line on its flat pattern. However the bend lines & annotations would not came up in the Dxf/Dwg. I have been asking my colleague to help with the Dxf with annotations. It seems that his computer would show all the annotations. Therefore, I wasn't too sure about whether this would classified as a software issue or hardware problems. Assistance would be greatly appreciated.