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Flow simulation in LED Light - Problem: The result temperatures is too high!

Question asked by Alifia Harina on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2017 by Dale Dell'Ario

Hello all,

I am doing Flow Simulation (SW2016) in LED Light with 8.5 Watt and Ambient temperature 35 degree Celcius, but the result getting HIGH than actual (practical).

I had been using an external study, selecting Heat Conduction in solids and Gravity from the wizard menus (steady state).

I applied a Volume heat source to the LED in the assembly, input Solid Materials, and applied Contact resistance because I used Thermal Pad in the assembly.

When I run the study and check the results temperature, it's very high. After running simulation, temperature of the LED is around 250 degree Celcius and heat-sink temperature is about 100 degree Celcius.

I think this cannot be but I do not see where I have made my mistake or where I have missed.


Really stuck here, so any help would be really appreciated!