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Question asked by Albert Whatmough on Jan 5, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2009 by Frank Neufeld
I am a NEWBEE Simulation user who has run several different parts and assemblies, as well as run a few exercises from a tutorial. Through my basic exposure, I have shanged the cosmos settings very little- mostly limited to changing the units of measurement.

While running many times an assembly the has successfully meshed, I made a few physical changes, as well as creating a few parts saved within the assembly. Simple parts, no tiny geometries- all consisntant with what worked in the past.

I started getting mesh failure warnings- surfacing went ok, but meshing failed. Try decreasing mesh size. No help.

Reset all options, close solidworks, restart computer, open brand new part, make a 4 inch cube, mesh with default settings...

Failure. Same warning.

Any suggestions?