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    Albert Whatmough
      I am a NEWBEE Simulation user who has run several different parts and assemblies, as well as run a few exercises from a tutorial. Through my basic exposure, I have shanged the cosmos settings very little- mostly limited to changing the units of measurement.

      While running many times an assembly the has successfully meshed, I made a few physical changes, as well as creating a few parts saved within the assembly. Simple parts, no tiny geometries- all consisntant with what worked in the past.

      I started getting mesh failure warnings- surfacing went ok, but meshing failed. Try decreasing mesh size. No help.

      Reset all options, close solidworks, restart computer, open brand new part, make a 4 inch cube, mesh with default settings...

      Failure. Same warning.

      Any suggestions?
          Steven Dinsdale
          Have you tried right clicking the study -> update all components?

              Albert Whatmough
              After I encountered the problem, I hit the 'reset' button in the simulation options, shut down solidworks, restarted my computer, restarted solidworks, made a new part (4x4x4" cube, A36 steel), made an new study, and clicked mesh with the default mesh options.

              I do not know if I saved the part first, and I do not know if that is relevant. But I do know that in the past on this machine I had done similar studies (and even more complicated things) with identical settings (I think), and everything was peachy.

                  Frank Neufeld
                  I have the same problem. Please help.
                    • HAVING TROUBLE WITH MY MESHER
                      Frank Neufeld
                      I did some searching and found this information on SolidWorks site. The first part fixed my problem.

                      This refers to an issue where surfaces will mesh but even a simple solid block will fail regardless of how fine the mesh is. The problem may be related to the length of the path to the results folder.

                      Workaround: Try changing the result folder location to something short under the root local hard drive folder, such as C:\Results. Be sure you change the results folder location in the existing study's properties, not just in the default mesh options.

                      You may notice that if a component subsequently fails to mesh for any reason (such as too large element size or geometry issues), then even meshing a simple block will fail again using the same short result folder path. In this case, it is necessary to remove any files from the designated results folder prior to remeshing (be sure you make a backup copy of any cwr files present since these files store results).

                      To avoid this situation and also for good practice, consider creating subfolders within the results folder for each model being analyzed, for instance C:\Results\Model1. Just be sure to keep the length of the path under 40 characters.

                      This issue may also be related to corrupt temporary meshing files present in the user's temp folder. Please clean out your temp folder using the following procedure:

                      - Close SolidWorks and open SolidWorks RX by going through the Start menu. Go to the System Maintenance tab and enable the first three checkboxes (clean backup directory, temp directories, Windows temp directory) and uncheck everything else.
                      - Click on "Start Maintenance"

                      This may resolve the issue and allow you to use folders with longer paths, but please be aware that the issue may return again if a component fails to mesh for any reason. If so, either use the workaround of shorter results folder paths or clean the temp folder again.