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Can't wrap sketch onto solid (which is 3D organic shaped)

Question asked by Femke Veldhuis on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2017 by Rob Edwards

Hi Guys,
I have build a 3D organic shaped solid body in Solidworks and I want to make holes in it in a certain pattern. I made a lot of patterns in Illustrator and I chose one to use on my model. I imported the picture of the pattern in SW and started to replicate this pattern with the right dimensions (I now you can import a Ai file in SW, but it gave a lot of errors and the dimensions were not right, so I decided to sketch in SW). I was still replicating this sketch when I wanted to try out how it would look like. I tried to make a wrap with the wrap feature, but I discovered that I was not able to wrap a sketch onto this solid. It gives an error: Wrap takes a planar, cylindrical, conical extruded or revolved face. I know mine isn't one of these, but I was wondering if it is possible to wrap onto a solid body. And if not, how I should make the holes I want (not by projecting, because it deforms the holes).

I'm doing my bachelor thesis for a company right now and I'm not sure If Im allowed to share the designs, but I tried to make clear what I want by the following pictures.

The solidbody has similar curves as the model in this picture.


And I want to wrap a pattern like this:



I hope someone can help me.


Kind regards,