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BOM not showing correct qty of parts in sub-assy

Question asked by Zac Evans on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by Igor Fomenko

I'm trying to make a master BOM from the top level assy for purchasing to simply be able to see part number, qty's, and cost. But here's my problem, I have a sub-assy of a hinge that has some bushings and some hardware, and that same sub-assy is used multiple times throughout the top level assy. But my BOM is only showing the qty for one of those sub-assy's, what I need is the added qty's for all the same parts throughout all the sub-assy's. I'm using an indented BOM because a parts only doesn't show my purchased parts that are set up as assemblies (e.g. linear rails with the rails and blocks as a sub assy together.)

Any idea what I'd doing wrong?

At first I thought it was the BOM quantity option in the custom properties but they're all set to '-None-'. I also tried setting the "Child component display when used as a subassembly" to "promote" but that didn't work either, that just removed the sub assembly from the BOM but didn't add all the parts inside the sub assy together.

The highlighted qty shown is the qty for only one of my hinge sub assemblies.

I'm running SW2016 SP5.0 on Win. 7