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Bend allowances not working for swept flange

Question asked by Barry Watkins on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2017 by Frank Ruepp

I'm attempting to set up some of my company's standard parts in SolidWorks sheet metal with formed and flat conditions that will match our shop's results. I've attached a simple example of a feature that I'm having trouble with. The flat dimensions I'm getting aren't matching our shop's calculations. I've noted our shop's results in Note 1 on the drawing and am showing the actual SolidWorks results in the dimensioned flat view. I'm using a bend table which I've also attached. The 1.59 rad 53 degree bends are working, but the 8.00 90 degree bend isn't. Can anyone help me see what I might be doing wrong or give me an idea of a better way to get the results we're after?