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SolidCAM Not Working Well with EPDM

Question asked by Jim Sculley on Jun 14, 2017

SW/EPDM 2017 SP2, SolidCAM 2016


We use SolidCAM for our CNC programming.  I want to get the external CNC files (.prz) into our EPDM vault so that we have better revision control and such.  I have found that the SolidCAM file open dialog does not seem to play well with EPDM add-ins.  Whenever I select a file that has been modified from an EPDM standpoint (such as editing the data card) to open from the dialog, the following error occurs:


The same error will occur if I try to perform most EPDM operations (e.g. Get Latest Version) from inside this dialog box, regardless of the selected file.


There is nothing wrong with the add-in shown.  In fact, it is installed and working as designed, which you can see in this dialog box from an add-in I wrote that displays the currently installed add-ins:



If I remove the add-in in the error message, it will just error on one of the other EPDM add-ins that are installed.  I suspect that the SolidCAM dialog box is doing something EPDM doesn't expect which causes the error.  The directory noted in the error message is absolutely polluted with additional copies of the same add-ins over and over:


There are one or two (depending on the operation performed) new copies made every time the error message happens.  If I kill/restart the explorer.exe process and delete all the plugins (and copies) from the directory, it just starts all over again, making copy after copy.


Obviously, this is horribly broken and incredibly annoying for our CNC programmer.

Is anyone else using SolidCAM, EPDM and custom EPDM add-ins?  If so, are you seeing this problem?