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    Particle study error "starting points were not created"

    Thomas Wagner

      Hallo everybody,


      using particle studies a lot I randomly encounter the effect that Flow Sim stops the calculation of the particle trajectories issuing the error message "can not create starting points".


      The main file is an assembly with a number of configurations. Having picked one these configurations to set up the first simulation all other simulations are simply clones of this first one using different configurations. That means that all simulations should be very much the same regards boundary conditions, mesh, simulation settings, cut plots and especially particle studies. The only difference between the configurations are a few smaller solid bodies that are actived in some configurations and deactivated in others.


      A couple of particle studies are defined with different particle characteristics and different starting points. For all particle studies I would chose a surface and give the number of injection points. What is strange is that in some configurations the particle studies work perfectly while with others Flow Sim stops the particle study issuing the error message "starting points were not created. Failed to complete". I have no idea why this happens because to me there is no difference between the original simulation and its clone regarding the particle study setup.


      Has somebody encountered a similar problem? If yes how did you solve this problem?


      My setup: SOLIDWORKS 2016 x64 SP 5.0 and Flow Simulation 2016 SP 5.0 Build 3591 on a Windows 7 computer.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Siavash Khajehhasani

          Hi Thomas,

          I found the answer for your question in your notes. Due to changing configuration between various simulations the entity used for defining the starting point for the particle study might be missed in between and SW CAD cannot find the same entity ID to address it properly in other simulation. Having said that, you only need to modify the particle study that does not work fine and just select the starting point entity then run it. It should run and work with no further issue.

          Hope it helps.


          - Siavash

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              Thomas Wagner

              Hi Siavash,


              thanks for your answer. What you describe happened to me before: the face from which the particle should be injected was suppressed, so the particle injection could not work. In this case SW issues an error message.


              The problem I am having now is different. The face chosen for the particle injection belongs to the lid to which the inlet bc are assigned to and exists in all configurations. So the particle injections are all well defined.


              Having tried a few other things the solution to this problem is suprisingly simple (and confusing). Simply make a clone of this very configuration including the results. And - its a miracle - the particle injection now works perfectly. My simulation consists of 33 configurations with 5 particle studies defined for each of them. There were 11 configurations that were affected by this error. In these configurations not all particle studies would fail, just one or two. In total 17 particle studies refused to work because the starting points could not be created. All this 17 particle studies could be "healed" by simply cloning the configuration with activated "copy results" option.