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Reference a dimension value to use in excel function?

Question asked by Ra Colby on Jun 13, 2017
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Sort of new to sw. I'm trying to use an excel function in a design table, referencing one sketch dimension to create a new value that will then drive another sketch dimension. I can make the function work in excel but it doesn't work in sw. (It's an (if, and, then) function). Can i reference a sketch dimension value in excel and then use the function to create the new value in excel?...and then I could ultimately reference a cell in excel for the sketch dimension just like a normal number instead of the excel function. I hope that makes sense, haha


Here's the function ("pipe scale" is a global variable diameter):

= IIF (and( "pipe scale" >.1 , "pipe scale"< .375 , .125) IIF (and( "pipe scale" >.375 , "pipe scale"< .625 , .1875, 1) ))


It seems like solidworks is the one still trying to solve the function instead of excel. In the part file, the dimension value is the formula not the value of the solved formula