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Truss Tower Top Load

Question asked by Robert Hankinson on Jun 13, 2017

Hello everyone,

Complete newbie, but am hoping someone can help. I'm trying to help a bunch of STEM kids learn about 3D modeling and how simulation can help them find the best structure can support a load. The challenge is one I'm sure we've all seen. Build the lightest structure (in this case a truss tower) possible out of only glue and balsa wood and apply a top force to it. The more weight held per gram of structure weight, the more points you get. I've been playing with this long enough to do it, or so I think. However, I'm not very fast and am afraid I will lose the kids attention if it takes too long. I'm sure with a bit of practice you can build a structure in just a few minutes. So I guess I'm looking for some tips or tricks to do this. A video would be great if anyone knows of one. I've been all over youtube but can't quite find what I need. Another to help explain the simulation (to kids) would also be great...


Thanks everyone in advance!