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Imperial dimensions don't seem to be converted properly in stl files

Question asked by Wayne Jolly on Jun 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2017 by Deepak Gupta

Hi everyone.  I am just beginning to get my feet wet in Solidworks for use with 3d printing and so far I have about 1/2 of a little toe in it.  But for now, I have created a very simple tool using imperial dimensions.  Just using one of the dimensions as an example, the length of this simple tool is 4 inches.  I understand that everything in Solidworks is metric, and that is fine.  But when I created the stl file using File>Prind3D, the 4" wasn't changed to 101.6mm, it was changed to 4mm.  So I wasted an entire day trying to find out why my slicer (Cura 2.5 for the time being.) wasn't opening the files only to find that they WERE opened, but the images were just so small I couldn't see them.  That is just wrong, isn't it???


Is there some setting I have missed, or something I have to do first to get them scaled properly for Cura?  I tried using the scale option in SW and the whole thing turns red except for the tiny box in the center which is the printers build volume.  I have also scaled them back up in Cura, and that works, sometimes.  They start printing, but something breaks shortly after completing the raft.  Sometimes, like this last one, Cura is saying that there is nothing to slice because non of the models fit into the build volume, but according to the image, it clearly does.


Please be gentle with the new guy,