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.EASM File Won't Explode View on iMac or iPhone, but Does on PC

Question asked by Steve Waddell on Jun 13, 2017

My contractor sent me a .EASM file. I'm using the Solidworks Pro viewer on IOS / iphone/ipad and the Mac store version of the Solidworks viewer on my iMac and 2015 MacBook Pro. 


He and his subcontractor can both open the .EASM file and explode the views, but they're on a PC.  I can't explode the view on either Mac OS or IOS for iPhone. 


I have previously exploded .EASM files from other contractors without a problem.


Here are some images where he sent me a file with the view exploded and one without, and you can see that exploding the view is not an option on my computer. 


Greatly appreciate any advice!!!!