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Conductor size calculation in Electrical routing

Question asked by Pdm Admin on Jun 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2017 by Pdm Admin

I struggling with the routing of a cable.

First I create a cable in Solidworks Electrical schematics. I set the Conductor section (mm2) to 0.14. This is the diameter of a single core.

The Diameter (mm) is set to 6.7 (outer diameter of the cable).

I expect that Solidworks use the 0.14 number for calculation of the diameter of the routed wires. So when I calculate the diameter of the wire by myself, it results in 0.211 mm. Root of 0.14 / Pi.

But when the cable is routed in Solidworks, and I check the wires, it says that the wire diameter is 2.11 mm, and size/gauge gives 0.00014.


So my question is, how do Solidworks the calculation of a wire diameter, when you only give the size (mm2) of a wire?

It look likes that Solidworks makes the wire a factor 10 greater.

But when I use 0.014 instead of 0.14, the routed wires has also a diameter of 2.11mm.