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How to get a part to have a faded portion

Question asked by Bob Smith on Jun 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by Bjorn Hulman

I have an assembly where - for demonstration purposes - I'd like the top half of the assembly to sort of fade away (not dynamically - just to have portions faded). I've mocked some images of the effect below on a part (but really I'd like this for an entire assembly)


Here the part fades away to a line drawing


And here it fades to an outline then to nothing.

I'm not after an animation, just some display state that puts focus on a certain portion of the model/assembly, but hints at the rest of it being present. And ideally it will fade completely as in the second image (for reasons I could explain in more detail, as it may help direct out-of-the-box solutions, if the people reading this can fully grasp my design intent)

So far the closest tool I've found is "Transparent Section Bodies" in the Cross section view,


which is fairly close but 1) does not transition gradually & 2) Does not fade completely.

Any improved suggestions?