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Basic Photometrics Plug-in for Solidworks

Question asked by Jason Pérez on Jun 12, 2017

I am trying to find a basic photometrics/outdoor lighting plug-in for solidworks. There seem to be a few out there such as Speos and Photopia. Was wondering if anyone could offer advice based on my specific needs, I don't want to buy Speos if I don't need it and especially if it will not do what I need!


I am looking to create very basic site plan 3D models in solidworks, such as a box for buildings and basic parking lot. Then I would like to be able to import IES files from third party manufacturers and display an overall photometric model of the site, with each parking lot light placed as it should be. We don't always use mainstream lighting manufacturers so a photometric lighting library like Photopia offers is not that important to me. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!