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Part Number In a Weldment Cut List

Question asked by Ihton Frederick on Jun 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by Peter Kennedy

I want to take a weldment part (part number 002) and insert it into another weldment part (part number 003).

In part 003 weldment cut list table, I want part number 002 to show in the description column, not the descriptions of all the part 002 cut list items.

I want the part number of the inserted weldment and the descriptions of the items for part 003 in the description column.


Basically it's a weldment to be fabricated in multiple stages. Stage one; a portion of the weldment is to be fabricated (welded together). Stage two; the weldment is then machined and bored. Stage three; the rest of the weldment is to be fabricated.