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How can we use ComboBox or Pull Down Menu to Insert Notes in SW Drawings?

Question asked by Sridhar S. on Jun 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by Bjorn Hulman



In our Drawing, We are using standard notes But order of that notes may change depending upon the drawing. For Example Notes are Like

1.Sheet Metal


3.Country Of Origin

For One Drawing Sheet Metal Notes comes First and then Painting will Come.


For Some Other Drawing Welding Notes will come Instead of Sheet Metal, For This I Planned to create a Macro in Following Manner,


First ComboBox consists


1.Sheet Metal



Second ComboBox consists




Like This It Follows.


If I Select Sheet Metal in First ComboBox and Coating in Second ComboBox, My Notes Should Come Like


1.Sheet Metal


After Clicking the "OK" Button in UserForm.


Please Give some Idea about How to Use ComboBox in Solidworks Macro, I have searched in Internet for ComboBox but I didn't get any Information about that.

Thanks in Advance.