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    Revision Tables - last three revisions

    John Wayman


      Is it possible to modify a Solidworks Revision Table so that it shows only the latest three or four revisions?

      For example, if I have a drawing that is at Revision H, can I modify the Revision Table to display only the rows relevant to Revisions F, G and H?

      Then, when the drawing is up-issued to Revision I, the table should automatically change to display the rows for G, H and I.


      If the answer is 'Yes', perhaps you could also enlighten me as to how it is done.


      SW2016 SP5, Windows 10

      Workgroup PDM






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          Bernie Daraz

          I have no applicable suggestions other than manually and possibly a macro could be written to accomplish that. I'm assuming that in using PDM that you keep track of the revisions permanently. If not in manual modification of the revision table I would not delete the old 'text' but I would copy it off the field of the drawing.


          It just occurred to me that you might be able to use the Custom Property Tab Builder to effect this procedure and may not need a macro at all.

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            Paul Horvath



            In the drawing, select the table,(crosshairs upper left corner) to activate the toolbar. Then select the row you want hidden, then select HIDE.

            When you click off the table, the table will repaint hiding the flagged items.