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    drawing file locations

    Don Howe

      I just started my new job in engineering and the company has absolutely no drawing number system or revision system. Finding the correct drawings is a nightmare. So, is there a file property in SW that will print out on the drawing the actual file location?


      something like: Engineering File Server/project folder/something drawing


      Thanks for any suggestions

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          Glenn Schroeder

          I have a note running up the side of each sheet on my drawings that's linked to the location.  While in "Edit Sheet Format" mode, select the text of the note that you want linked, click on the "Link to Property" icon, and make the proper selection from the drop-down as shown below.  If you want to add the file name, it's the selection directly above the one I have highlighted (in that case you'll need to go there twice, once for the file path and once for the file name).


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            John Stoltzfus

            Did they have any logbook record of any kind??


            Any type of system or are you saying there is absolutely nothing??....


            I know this doesn't help you as of "Right Now", but below is what I have in my drawing templates


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              Ian Worrall



              1. Start a note in your drawing.
              2. Click on the icon I've highlighted on the left of the attached picture.
              3. Select the properties you want in the dropdown list I've highlighted on the right.

              The two you want are "SW-Folder Name" & "SW-File Name"


              Custom properties in notes.JPG

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                Dan Pihlaja

                As Glenn suggested, I use the following:

                $PRP:"SW-Folder Name(Folder Name)"$PRP:"SW-File Name(File Name)"

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                  David Nelson

                  I feel your pain last place I worked at had them filed by manufacture they went to.  It took a 2 page cheat sheet to find where files were.  But they only used this system part of the time .  The rest was anybody's guess.


                    Now this place is better we have drawings by drawing number.  But some are autocad and some are solid works.  So you have to check both places.  The models are in a different location, but if you have the part# they are easy to find.   If we make a part and it is in autocad format we then convert it to solid works.  That was we are not wasting time converting drawings that will never be used.

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                    Don Howe

                    I have a Work-in-progress folder, Completed Jobs folder and Projects folder. Everything seems to be by a part name (whatever they assigned to it) There are folders marked Version 1, OLD, REV A, NEW VERSION, ORIGINAL, OBSOLETE, PHASE 1, ARCHIVE, MAKING FOR SURE!


                    The list goes on and on. SW files contain any number of these parts, all with warnings, or broken relationships. If someone comes in from the shop looking for a drawing, I hope they have an old one (print control is another issue). I have nice Fortus FDM 400 3D Printer which is really cool to use provided I can find the correct model to print.

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                        John Stoltzfus

                        Hey Don.... You're not the next office over from here are ya ????   Here all - yeah All the drawings, parts and assemblies for all our SW was in one folder, no sub-folders, nix, nilch, nothin...  On top of that the one guy had all his parts blue lined, all floating lines, the next guy would do a Save Over after the project cleared prototyping was approved for manufacturing, configurations that were either eliminated or modified for something else.. Took me a longtime, but I slowly developed my folder structure, and now they like it, you can find stuff....