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What is the right way to handle parts in an assembly that have many versions of the same part

Question asked by Larry Crofoot on Jun 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by Larry Crofoot

We build connectors and cable assemblies. In the process we have many variations of the part. Stamped contacts flat  stamped contacts formed stamped contact overmolded and others. You need many variations for fixtures for stamping dies for molds. I would like one master that controls the assembly but it is hard to do with config. you end up with to many different part configs in multiple assemblies with configs in the assemblies. So what happens people start making copies of the master and using these in fixtures and molds. Now you loss reference to your final part and this leave you open for mistakes when changes are made. We are using 2017 with EPDM to control documents. Does anyone have a solution to this problem??