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Circuitworks 2016 is showing one thing in preview and exporting something different to Solidworks.  Please help.

Question asked by Adam Hollander on Jun 12, 2017

In the Circuitworks window it correctly shows component orientations but when it opens in Solidworks the orientations of some components are incorrect.  Attached see "Capture 1.jpg" which shows the Circuitworks screen.  "Capture 2.jpg" shows the assembly in Solidworks immediately after pressing Build Model.  Note that the J4_X connectors are oriented at different rotations depending on which edge of the board they're on; this is correctly reflected on the Circuitworks side.  But on the Solidworks side all of the connectors are in the same rotation which is incorrect.  "Capture 3.jpg" shows the .bdf file which correctly identifies the component rotations.  How do I fix this so the assembly in Solidworks matches the preview in Circuitworks?